Partial or Temporary Settlements in Family Mediation

You and your spouse are likely to attend a mediation or settlement conference during your divorce or modification case in Florida. Mediation must be completed before a family law case can go to court, aiming to settle differences amicably and avoid the stress and expense of a trial.

Exploring Partial Settlements

While most mediations result in a resolution, if not, there’s a middle ground. You can attend a conference for mediation and get a temporary or partial settlement. You and your spouse can agree to include or exclude certain details in the partial settlement agreement. For example, you may settle everything but the child support amount or decide on asset division but not alimony. Mediation puts you in control, as nothing can be settled unless both parties agree.

Once signed and dated, the court files your partial settlement agreement. A final hearing is scheduled for the remaining aspects of your case. The judge decides what’s not covered by the partial settlement, and its terms must be included in the final court order. In most cases, partial settlement agreements are binding upon the court, making them a powerful tool to simplify the trial.

Family Law Mediation addresses disputes about property division, child support, custody, parenting time, and spousal support arising from divorce or time-sharing disputes. Spouses can attend mediation with or without an attorney, even starting the process before consulting one.

Benefits of Choosing Mediation

Mediation is a preferable alternative to litigation due to its cost-effectiveness, time savings, and preservation of sanity and co-parenting relationships. It allows control over the case outcome. The mediator, neutral and unbiased, helps parties reach mutually beneficial agreements. Mediation’s creativity can uncover solutions not considered by the parties or their attorneys.

Even if spouses can’t agree on every issue, mediation often leads to a partial settlement, avoiding unnecessary litigation expenses. All parties in a family law case must attempt to reach a settlement, making mediation an excellent option.

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